Sunday, June 8, 2008

GSS-SET Part 1 a HUGE SUCCESS: Get Ready for Part 2 - Saturday, July 12 in Ewing NJ

For information about BOOST, our partners, and programs, contact; (206) 202-2883,, and and get ready for Part 2!!!

Thanks to everyone who made time in your schedules to be a part of BOOST's GSS-SET Launch this past Saturday, June 7 at Gallery 125, Classics Trenton Books Fair, Heritage Days, and Gilmore's Cafe'. Attached are a few of the photos of the activity. Some more will be shared and sent at a later date.

We extend an extra Special thanks to Dr. Mitchell Joachim of Terreform, Anastasia Harrison of WESKetch Architects, Jason Kliwinski of Spiezle Group, Fred Stine Delaware RiverKeeper Network, Elizabeth Slate-Rutledge of Syracuse NY's Alchemical Nursery Project, the BOOST Board of Directors (Kevin W. Wortham, Prof's Alyvn Haywood (and wife, Anu) and Monique Simon, and Winnie Fatton of MLUC at TCNJ), Dan at the Gallery who went beyond call of duty, BOOST fiscal sponsor Doretha L. Riley for VEBS; Eric and Laurice at Classics who made it all possible and the Classics Trenton Book Fair, staff of Trenton Dowtown Association (shout out to "the Ambassador"); Eric Muhammad of Kooley Productions, all of you who attended, put up with the techno-glitches, and provide the energy of great questions and Big Ideas; Kevin Gilmore and staff at Gilmor's Cafe' (the G-Spot) for the Green Gift Certificates and great meals and live space; and everyone who wanted to attend but could not make it out with us that day. Because of you, BOOST is much honored to be a part of these magnificent efforts at creating leaders for sustainability in all of its positive aspects. We also thank any detractors, whose even distorted thoughts and opinions give "energy by way of attention" that we tranform into positive vibrational power for Green, Smart, and Sustainable Stakeholder Education and Training (GSS-SET 2008-09). Keep up the great work everyone!

GSS-SET Part 2 set for Saturday, July 12 in Ewing New Jersey Simply Natural Living located in Serenity Plaza located at 1505 Parkway Avenue: GSS-SET 2 - Sun Fest: A Day of Allowing for presentations by:

Jonathan Cloud on "Emerging Opportunities in Green Business": Jonathan Cloud is a lifelong environmentalist, community organizer, and entrepreneur. An early pioneer in passive-solar design and construction in Canada in the 1970s and 80s, as well as an environmental community activist, he received a UN Environment Award in 1985, in recognition of his work in renewable energy, conservation, and appropriate technology.

Mut Seshatms (pronounced Moot Sa-shat-miss) on "Rethinking Solar: Giving Power Back to the People". Mut Seshatmswas an electrical engineer for over 20 years in the public and private sector with a Masters in Electrical Engineering. In the 1990’s upon completing her graduate degree, she formed and ran a company called Universal Engineering whom consulted African embassies about solar power energy solutions. She later entered the educational field as a certified teacher in mathematics

Alvyn Haywood, Professor of Communication at Mercer County Community College on "The Art of Allowing: Indroducing Abraham" who was awarded with this year's Distinguished Teaching Award, having been selected by his colleagues at Mercer County Community College. In addition to chairing the college's governing body, the College Forum, Haywood is a popular voice on campus and also serves as the voice of Passage Theater on WIMG AM radio Prof. Haywood is also the community ambassador and public spokesperson for Building Open Opportunity Structures Together, also known as BOOST.

Leah Mayor, Ph.D. on "No Quick Fixes: Creating Sustainable Learning Communities". Leah is dedicated to promoting transformative learning by connecting adults and youth to communities around the globe. She spent 3.5 years living in Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia designing and delivering community based tourism programs and conducting research for her doctorate at Cornell University. After lecturing in education, a brief stint in corporate consulting led her to the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education.

For information about BOOST, our partners, and programs, contact; (206) 202-2883,, and

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