Monday, June 9, 2008

NEW DATE - Saturday JULY 12! - for Green, Smart, & Sustainable Stakeholder Education & Training: To RSVP call (206) 202-2883 * Email timrazzaq1@yahoo.

From left: Emerging Opportunities in Green Business by Jonathan Cloud, Rethinking Solar: Power Back to the People by Mut Seshatms, The Art of Allowing by Prof. Alvyn Haywood, and Moving Beyond Quick- Fixes: Creating Sustainable Learning Communities by Leah Mayor.....

BOOST GSS-SET Outreach, Pt. 2 - Saturday, July 12 — 11am until 4pm

SIMPLY NATURAL LIVING * Serenity Plaza — 1505 Parkway Ave. Ewing New Jersey

To RSVP, call (206) 202-2883 * Email

Building Open Opportunity Structures Together (BOOST) is very pleased to offer residents of the state of New Jersey the chance to meet some of the most distinguished, talented, dedicated, and knowledgeable people working towards and educating about ways to we all can contribute to the public good by being more conscious about how we live, work, recreate, worship, and learn and our impacts on our natural, built, and human environments.

Jonathan Cloud is a lifelong environmentalist, community organizer, and entrepreneur. An early pioneer in passive-solar design and construction in Canada in the 1970s and 80s, as well as an environmental community activist, he received a UN Environment Award in 1985, in recognition of his work in renewable energy, conservation, and appropriate technology. His current focus is on developing the ISE's Sustainable Business Incubator, which will assist entrepreneurs with start-up ventures in renewable energy, CO2 reduction, and other environmental technologies, as well as with emerging business models involving carbon trading, sustainability consulting, and sustainable social enterprises.

Mut Seshatms (pronounced Moot Sa-shat-miss) was an electrical engineer for over 20 years in the public and private sector with a Masters in Electrical Engineering. In the 1990’s upon completing her graduate degree, she formed and ran a company called Universal Engineering whom consulted African embassies about solar power energy solutions. She later entered the educational field as a certified teacher in mathematics. After healing herself from carpal tunnel, overweight, depression and female ailments, she officially became a certified holistic wellness consultant/educator and Kemet Priestess. She assists in teaching African Martial Arts, Mediation and Breathing Postures as well as the Mdw Netcher.

Alvyn Haywood, Professor of Communication, was awarded with this year's Distinguished Teaching Award, having been selected by his colleagues at Mercer County Community College. In addition to chairing the college's governing body, the College Forum, Haywood is a popular voice on campus and also serves as the voice of Passage Theater on WIMG AM radio. He recently completed the second year as host and originator of the cable television variety program "What Might Happen," which airs on Mercer's cable channel 26. In addition to holding many positions at MCCC for the past 15 years, and teaching at both campuses, Haywood also teaches Human Communication for Project Inside at the Garden State Correctional Facility. He has served as a member of the Juvenile Intensive Supervisor Program for the Juvenile Justice Commission. He holds a Masters of Divinity Degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Theater Arts from St. Andrews Presbyterian College. Prof. Haywood is also the community ambassador and public spokesperson for Building Open Opportunity Structures Together, also known as BOOST.

Leah Mayor, Ph.D. is dedicated to promoting transformative learning by connecting adults and youth to communities around the globe. She spent 3.5 years living in Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia designing and delivering community based tourism programs and conducting research for her doctorate at Cornell University. After lecturing in education, a brief stint in corporate consulting led her to the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education.. Working at the crossroads of learning and social change, she is passionate about designing and delivering innovative programs that directly contribute to connecting individuals with their communities.

For information about BOOST, our partners, and programs, contact; (206) 202-2883,, and

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