Monday, February 11, 2008

Sponsorship/Cause-related Marketing Opportunities for Corporations, Small Businesses, and Individuals

Dear Business, Citizen, and Institutional Leaders:

Building Open Opportunity Structures Together (BOOST) will launch their 2008-09 Green, Smart, and Sustainable Stakeholder Education and Training series of public awareness forums and community capacity building workshops from 11am noon until 4pm on Saturday, June 7 at Classics Used and Rare Books located at 117 South Warren Street. This event is free to the public and will feature a screening of Sundance TV's "Big Ideas for a Small Planet, the Build" episode and a special appearance by Mitchell Joachim, principal with Terreform, a nonprofit philanthropic architectural design collaborative that integrates ecological principles in the urban environment. The GSS-SET launch will coincide with Classics Book Fair and Trenton's 30th annual Heritage Days Celebration. For more information, please contact or call (206) 202-2883. Also fell free to visit for additional activities by BOOST.

April 13 through 19 is National Environmental Education Week (EE Week) and April 22 is Earth Day. EE promotes a full week of educational activities in K-12 classrooms, nature centers, zoos, museums, and aquariums. Students from across the U.S. will get involved activities like interactive classroom-based workshops that will encourage environmental learning and stewardship. The success of National Environmental Education Week is dependent on educators across the country who promotes EE Week in their classrooms, schools, and communities. You can help us out by making a financial contribution and a volunteer to two to come into our educational spaces to share environmental stewardship lessons with our students, faculties, and administrators. Here are a few resources to get you started:

Building Open Opportunity Structures Together (BOOST) is seeking small financial donations through our nonprofit (VEBS) to get the message out the public, private, and home-school students, parents, teachers, administrators and the public at large. We have already had several inquiries from schools in New Jersey for BOOST to provide EE Week learning activities to hundreds of elementary and high school students. A donation and providing a volunteer from your company will enable us to provide and facilitate these activities and will entitle you to have hyper-linked company logo/insignia place in all of web sites of our Partners from now until the conclusion of this program in late April. We will reach tens of thousands of potential customers and clients with your marketing message.

Our sponsors will enjoy enhancing their corporate and business image, promoting good will among their employees and investors, reach high-caliber volunteers whom are all leaders in their professions, foster an association between their customers and our growing network of Partners and community stakeholders, and create an atmosphere for positive change throughout the state of New Jersey, the tri-state area, and AnyWhereUrbanUSA.

To inquire about this exciting and unique opportunity, please call (206) 202-2883 or email GSS-SET Central.

Thank you, in advance, for your interest in and support of Green, Smart, and Sustainable Stakeholder Education and Training 2008-09.

-----Tim Razzaq on behalf of BOOST and Partners of GSS-SET 2008-09 (see post at "Introduction to GSS-SET '08-'09")

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