Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Are BOOST Solutions, Greenable Sponsor Opportunity Forum

Sunday, November 16 - 3PM until 6PM at Greenable - 126 Market Street in Philadelphia PA

"Anyone can create a green initiative, anytime, don't wait", is the message Arianne Delafosse has for people who want to get involved in greening up their homes, creating a community-based community green campaign, and not have to reinvent the wheel.

Women for Entrepreneurship, the Environment, and Social Equity is the theme of this most timely and relevant information-sharing and networking session. Women Leaders is being co-sponsored by We Are Building Open Opportunity Structures Together (We Are BOOST) and Greenable, a Philadelphia-based green materials and services provider. Refreshments are being provided by Cosmic Catering, whose mission is to strive to make a small footprint on the earth but in turn a large footprint in their customer's souls and stomachs.

We Are BOOST Founder Tim Razzaq is absolutely thrilled to have his organization be able to invite the community at large out on an Sunday afternoon, provide a positive outlet for folks who may not be all that happy about what they have to face in the coming weeks with jobs and businesses at risk, and filter out so much of the 'green noise'.

Patricia Gaylor, one of the panelist who has practiced green design in the northeast for over 25 years and recently featured on Good Morning America has similar sentiments, "In an economy where home building and remodeling is suffering one of the worst slumps in decades, green building and remodeling are experiencing incredible growth. Recent surveys reveal that home buyers will pay a premium to purchase a green, energy efficient house. Coloring your business GREEN is a smart move in a sluggish economy."

Delafosse is Founder and Executive Director for Community Green, an all volunteer non-profit organization based in Basking Ridge New Jersey.

Donation is $15 per adult and $5 for children under 12 years of age. A refreshments buffet of locally grown and harvested food will be prepared by Cosmic Catering and available to all who attend. Advanced registration is required, please call (206) 202-2883 or visit the calendar of events at

About Your Women Leaders Panelists:

Patricia Gaylor, Green Interior Design and recently featured on Good Morning America - Topic: "Simple, Affordable, and Doable Ways you can: Make Your Home Healthier and More Energy Efficient, Set you Business Up Gain the Competitive Advantages of Going Green, and Find Green Materials Locally that are Readily Available and Financially Feasible"

Ariane Delafosse, Founder of Community Green (New Jersey)Topic: "Easy Steps to Take Growing Your Community Green Nonprofit from the Grassroots to the Grass-tops."

Susie Beiler, Spectrum Health Consulting Topic: "My Vision for Shamalada Healing Sanctuary and How You Can Become Engaged in Holistic Health for Personal and Community Wellness"

Trisha Mandes, Founder of Philly Eco Kids (PEK)Topic: "How to Easily Educate Your Children and Students about Climate Change, Global Warming, and What They Can Do About It"

Marilyn Moran of Marilyn New Media Marketing and author of We Are BOOST Philly Green BlogTopic: "Grow Your Business, Web Site or Blog: Sound Economical, Social, and Green Marketing Opportunities"

Barbara Stange, Simply Natural Living;Topic: "Natural Steps to balance You, Your family,Your personal world through Body, Mind and Spirit"

Julie Hancher & Beth Funari, co-authors of GreenPhillyBlog, a Philadelphia-based website providing environmental information for the local regionTopic: "Planting the Seed: Growing Your Green Business from the Ground Up"

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