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BOOST's Feature Article NJ and Company, New Location and Additional Presenters for BOOST's GSS-SET June 7 Launch

BOOST feature article in New Jersey and Company Magazine now viewable, on-line, at Special thanks to Dr. Gregory D. Squires, Celest Novak, Doretha L. Riley, Winnie Fatton, BOOST board of directors, New Jersey Future, Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, Richard Libbey, Jonathan Schein, Susan Piperato, and Bari Faye Siegel, Laurice Reynolds, Eric Maywar, Professor Alvyn Haywood, Trenton North Ward City Councilman Milford Bethea, Leo Vazquez, and all of those whom have supported this effort and provided encouragement and inputs into making BOOST an organization on the rise for a sustainable New Jersey. Looking forward to progress in 2008-09...

(Trenton, NJ) Trenton’s 30th annual Heritage Days celebration and a downtown Book Fair serve as the backdrops for the first of a series of public awareness and community mobilization forums being promoted by Building Open Opportunity Structures Together, also known as BOOST. This event will be free to the public and feature a screening of the Sundance Channel production, Big Ideas for a Small Planet and an in-person appearance one of the film’s featured designers. This program launch will take place on Saturday, June 7 from 11am until 4pm at Gallery 125, located at 125 South W arren Street. For more information or to reserve your seat, please contact BOOST at (206) 202-2883 or email

Mitchell Joachim of Terreform, a nonprofit philanthropic architectural group that focuses on ecological design for urban environments, and whose work is highlighted in Big Ideas, will conduct a slide show demonstrating his real-life tree house made of growing tree trunks, stackable cars, river gym, and other projects that reflect the Terreform mission which “views ecology in design as not only a philosophy that inspires visions of sustainability and social justice but also a focused scientific endeavor.”

Attendees at this exciting and ground-breaking event will also be treated to a presentation by Jason Kliwinski, associate with the Trenton-based Spiezle Group, one of New Jersey’s leading architectural, planning, and design firms with several major projects on tap in the greater Mercer County region, including Rider University’s New Residence Hall project. This development will consist of 3- and 4-story buildings to house 152-beds in suite and apartment configurations. The project will be designed to obtain a LEED™-Silver Certification. Joining Dr. Joachim and Kliwinski will be Fred Stine, Citizen Action Coordinator for the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and Anastasia Harrison for WESKetch Architecture, and Elizabeth Slate-Rutledge for the Syracuse New York-based Alchemical Nursery.

Green, Smart and Sustainable Stakeholder Education and Training, or GSS-SET 2008-09, is the natural outgrowth of BOOST past effort’s at fostering a climate for positive change and a platform for resident inclusion in the planning and decision-making processes that affects, their communities, and neighborhoods. The program is designed to strengthen communities from the inside out and BOOST’s team of workshop facilitators and community resource providers are amongst the leaders in their respective fields of work. Individuals, organizations, businesses, institutions, and agencies throughout the state of New Jersey are being invited to be participants in this unprecedented education, training, and outreach initiative. Registration packages will be available for interested parties on June 7. For more information, please contact or call (206) 202-2883.

Training and education will start September (’08) and continue through June of 2009 and be hosted in five New Jersey cities/regions at community colleges. Your Company can sponsor one or more GSS-SET Program component and reach tens of thousands of prospective customers, clients, and constituents throughout the Tri-State Region.

For sponsorship inquiries, please call Tim Razzaq at our voice/fax center at(206) 202-2883 and/or email

Key Media Contacts and Presenter Sketches:
For Distribution/Release: RSVP's and information requests, contact Tim Razzaq, Executive Director for BOOST Outreach and Advisory Services at (206) 202-2883 and email Sponsorship opportunities at

Building Open Opportunity Structures Together ( is a creative community solutions organization that develops and utilizes innovative and customized strategies to build structured relationships between residents, businesses, organizations, and government agencies that lead to beneficial economic, social, and educational opportunities and outcomes in underserved and emerging urban neighborhoods. For more information about
BOOST, our partners, program enrollment, or sponsor/underwriter of GSS-SET 2008-09 please contact Tim Razzaq, at (206) 202-2883 or email (Please note that, on occasion, emails to this address will often receive a ‘bounce-back’ email telling them that their missive did not go through. In almost all instances, this is false; emails do go through).

About Spiezle Group, Inc. ( Founded in 1954, Spiezle Group, Inc., (SGI) is an award-winning, full-service architecture, planning, and design firm with offices in Trenton, NJ and Media, PA. Known for highly effective design documentation and project management, SGI is an acknowledged leader in the design of public and private facilities promoting sustainable design in every project.

The Delaware RiverKeeper Network (DRN) ( is the only advocacy organization working throughout the entire Delaware River Watershed. The Delaware RiverKeeper is an individual who is the voice of the River, championing the rights of the River and its streams as members of our community.

WESKetch Architecture ( is an award winning architectural firm focused on inspirational architecture, providing interior design, engineering services, construction management, green building design combined with the latest indoor air quality issues for each and every building type. Anastasia Harrison is a licensed architect and one of the first indoor air quality certified professionals in the state.

The Alchemical Nursery Project ( is a non profit committed to spreading the word about the urban eco-village movement globally. We hope to provide the resources, dialogue space, and networks needed for those who would like to establish their own urban eco-village wherever they live! Our local grassroots project is, as you may have guessed, the development of an urban eco-village in Syracuse, NY, that can be replicated anywhere urban USA.

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