Friday, May 2, 2008

Delaware RiverKeeper Network Joins Building Open Opportunity Structures Together's GSS-SET Launch

(Trenton, NJ) On Saturday, June 7, Building Open Opportunity Structures Together (BOOST) will launch its Green, Smart, and Sustainable Stakeholder Education and Training public environmental awareness and urban sustainable communities campaign at Classics Used and Rare Books - located at 117 South Warren Street in downtown Trenton - from 11am until 4pm. This event is free to the general public and will feature a screening of Sundance Channel’s “Big Ideas for a Small Planet, the Build” episode and special presentation by one of the film’s featured designers, Mitchell Joachim of Terreform, a nonprofit philanthropic architectural group that focuses on ecological design for urban environments. Joachim will be join by Anastasia Harrison of WESKetch Architects, and Frederick Stine of Delaware River Keeper Network. A packed house is expected, so please call (206) 202-2883 or email to ensure your seat is reserved.

The Delaware RiverKeeper Network (DRN) is the only advocacy organization working throughout the entire Delaware River Watershed. The Delaware RiverKeeper is an individual who is the voice of the River, championing the rights of the River and its streams as members of our community.

WESKetch Architecture is an award winning architectural firm focused on inspirational architecture, providing interior design, engineering services, construction management, green building design combined with the latest indoor air quality issues for each and every building type.

Terreform is a nonprofit organization (501c3) and philanthropic design collaborative that integrates ecological principles in the urban environment. The group views ecology in design as not only a philosophy that inspires visions of sustainability and social justice but also a focused scientific endeavor. The mission is to ascertain the consequences of fitting a project within our natural world setting. Solutions range from; green master planning, urban self-sufficiency infrastructures, community development activities, climatic tall buildings, performative material technologies, and smart mobility vehicles for cities. These design iterations seek an activated ecology both as a progressive symbol and an evolved artifact. Terreform is a winner of the Infiniti Design Excellence Award - History Channel City of the Future competition.

The Delaware Riverkeeper is assisted by seasoned professionals and by a network of members, volunteers and supporters. Together they are the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and together they stand as vigilant protectors and defenders of the River, its tributaries and watershed. DRN is committed to restoring the watershed's natural balance where it has been lost and ensuring its preservation where it still exists.

For more information about Building Open Opporunity Structures Together (BOOST) GSS-SET 2008-09 and being an enrollee in, presenter for, or sponsor/underwriter of GSS-SET 2008-09, please call (206) 202-2883 or email and please note that, on occasion, emails to this address will often receive a ‘bounce-back’ email telling the sender that their missive did not go through. In almost all instances, this is false and emails are recieved by GSS-SET.

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