Sunday, March 22, 2009

"The Arts as a Driver of Urban Revitalization" - Mel Leipzig

"Joshua's Tattoos" by
Mel Leipzig, Allies 2009 Award Winner
Mel Leipzig – Artists and Professor

We Are BOOST learned of Mel Leipzig through our board member, Professor Alvyn Haywood in the fall of 2007. Mel came on board with us and delivered two workshops, both focused on the theme “The Arts as a Driver of Urban Revitalization.”

One presentation was held at the newly renovated and historic ‘green’ complex Broad Street Bank Building and the other at Classics Used and Rare Books, owned and operated by his fellow 2009 Allies awardees Eric Maywar and Laurice Reynolds. Join us in honoring Mel on April 17 by clicking here or visiting

The critic Jerald Hagarty writes of Leipzig's work, "The appearance of calculated randomness plays against Leipzig's strong rectilinear organization. The interplay is delightful and more, for there are multiple messages here. For instance: opposites not only attract, they also enhance each other. For instance: careful scrutiny of everyday life reveals a secret underlying order." Mel always used realist drawings as the basis for his paintings. If you would like to see one of Mel’s more recent works in real-time display, you can visit the New Jersey State Museum through September 6, 2009 at the 2nd Floor Fine Art Galleries (click here or visiting Pictured above from Mel Leipzig’s Selected Works is “Joshua’s Tattoos” (photo courtesy: New Jersey State Museum.)

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