Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Save this Date: Saturday, September 13 for BOOST Fund Raiser:

Save This Date: Saturday, September 13 2008
Our Green Future: Healthy Homes and Families for Sustainability Made Simple, Part One of a Series....

"Typically my talks are very technical, involving percentages, actual material assemblies, detailed building system configurations, review of lists and checklists, etc... For BOOST I was able to bring my 'lesson' to the level in which the greatest good can come, changing the way in which people can live healthier lives RIGHT NOW..." says Anastasia Harrison, AIA, LEED, IAQA and the first licensed architect in the State of NJ to earn an Indoor Air Quality Environmentalist Certification.

We are Building Open Opportunity Structures Together, also known as BOOST, and we invite you to join Anastasia Harrison of Wesketch Architecture, Barbara Stange of Simply Natural Living, and our growing network of Eco-community builders on Saturday, September 13 - from 3pm until.... - in Trenton's beautiful West Ward.

This evening will be full of fun, food, good drink, and everyone will share experiences, understandings, and dialogues around the issue of sustainability and what everyday people can do to improve our quality of living while decreasing our negative impacts on the natural environment.

Live music, great food fare, like-minded individuals, and a scenic lawn party will be the backdrop for Anastasia Harrison's "Our Green Future: Healthy Homes and Families for Sustainability Made Simple", a talk designed to increase our collective appetites for collectively addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the human family.

So, please save this date, Saturday - September 13 - on your calendars and we will be launching our official invitation with all the details in mid-August.


Tim Razzaq, Founder and Executive Director
Building Open Opportunity Structures Together (BOOST)

Voice: (206) 202-2883

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