Sunday, March 23, 2008

Where’s Trenton's walkability in a downtown residential context centered at?

Trenton's Broad Street Bank Building Meets Smart Growth Criteria for Walkability and Bicyability!

Criteria (from Kerry Trueman at :) "'Smart Growth,' by definition, relies on “walkability.” Unlike sprawl, which spreads unchecked till it becomes The Blob That Ate Your Town, Smart Growth features “mixed use” development, in which businesses and residences are situated within easy walking distance of each other, and apartments are located above shops. In theory, you can take care of all your daily errands without needing to drive."

Trenton's Broad Street Bank Building (BSBB) is located at the intersection of South Montgomery and East State Streets and is directly on two New Jersey Transit bus stops, a five-minute walk from Trenton Station, around the corner from a taxi stand, has on-site bicycle storage racks, achieved a hard-earned shared parking agreement with the State of New Jersey and the Trenton Parking Authority for its tenants, and is within a short commute to Trenton-Mercer Airport. The Building is also within comfortable walking distance of the New Jersey Capital complex, the Mercer County administration building, Trenton City Hall, the State Library of New Jersey, Mercer County Community and Thomas Edison State Colleges, major hospitals, most state of New Jersey governmental office buildings, and the City’s Waterfront. Walkable features combined with the Building basement exercise room, make it a perfect fit for tenants who have the desire to promote their own personal health and reduce their own “carbon footprint” by walking to and from work, business, study, worship, and recreation sites and using metropolitan multimode transportation to reduce our region’s contribution to the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels and fight against global warming.

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